insects swarm

insects swarm
insects swarm/dance/play (fly, flitter, hover in the air, crawl/creep) насекомые кружатся (вьются, летают, парят в воздухе, ползают)

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  • swarm — swarm1 [ swɔrm ] verb intransitive to go somewhere as part of a large crowd: Fans swarmed onto the field to celebrate. a. if insects swarm, they fly together in a large group swarm with phrasal verb transitive swarm with something if a place is… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • swarm — I UK [swɔː(r)m] / US [swɔrm] verb [intransitive] Word forms swarm : present tense I/you/we/they swarm he/she/it swarms present participle swarming past tense swarmed past participle swarmed 1) to go somewhere as part of a large crowd Fans swarmed …   English dictionary

  • swarm — [[t]swɔ͟ː(r)m[/t]] swarms, swarming, swarmed 1) N COUNT COLL: oft N of n A swarm of bees or other insects is a large group of them flying together. 2) VERB When bees or other insects swarm, they move or fly in a large group. [V prep/adv] A dark… …   English dictionary

  • swarm — [swɔːm] verb [I] I 1) to go somewhere as a large crowd Fans swarmed onto the pitch to celebrate.[/ex] 2) if insects swarm, they fly together in a large group • swarm with sth II noun [C] swarm [swɔːm] 1) a large group of insects flying together… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

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  • Swarm robotics — is a new approach to the coordination of multirobot systems which consist of large numbers of mostly simple physical robots. It is supposed that a desired collective behavior emerges from the interactions between the robots and interactions of… …   Wikipedia

  • Swarm — Swarm, n. [OE. swarm, AS. swearm; akin to D. zwerm, G. schwarm, OHG. swaram, Icel. svarmr a tumult, Sw. sv[ a]rm a swarm, Dan. sv[ae]rm, and G. schwirren to whiz, to buzz, Skr. svar to sound, and perhaps to E. swear. [root]177. Cf. {Swerve},… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Insects (The History of the Galaxy) — Insects are an alien race in The History of the Galaxy series of novels by Russian science fiction writer Andrey Livadny.The first encounter between humans and Insects is described in the novel Demeter , although signs of the race s former glory… …   Wikipedia

  • swarm — ► NOUN 1) a large or dense group of flying insects. 2) a large number of honeybees that leave a hive with a queen in order to establish a new colony. 3) a large group of people or things. ► VERB 1) move in or form a swarm. 2) (swarm with) be… …   English terms dictionary

  • swarm|er — «SWR muhr», noun. 1. one of a number that swarm; one of a swarm, as of insects. 2. Biology. swarm spore …   Useful english dictionary

  • swarm — ‘group of insects’ [OE] and swarm ‘climb’ [16] are distinct words. The former comes from a prehistoric Germanic *swarmaz, which also produced German schwarm, and is closely related to Dutch swerm, Swedish svärm, and Danish sværm. It may go back… …   The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins

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